Group Events

AIRTOPIA Is the Perfect Venue For Group Activities

AIRTOPIA Adventure Park in San Antonio is a unique facility with so many activities to choose from for a group event. Whether your group size is 10 or 50 we have the adaptability for any occasion. You don’t have to do all the planning on your own either, we’ll help customize your event to be distinct and special.

The possibilities are endless:


Team building is an essential dynamic for the productivity and success of any organization and one of the top objectives of great leadership. Any team is only as strong as the relationships of that team and a cohesive team will definitely outperform a disconnected collective. Let us help you implement team building dynamics while your team is having fun.


One of the ingredients in the secret sauce of pulling off a great fundraising campaign is to make sure the people attending are happy. Creating a happy atmosphere is purposeful and takes planning. AIRTOPIA is the perfect happy place to have a fundraiser. Call us so we can help you put it together.


If you think that a trampoline park is simply a place where you can come jump for a few hours, guess again! At AIRTOPIA Adventure Park in San Antonio you can buyout the whole facility or rent out sections.

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