Empire Adventure Park

Trampoline Park

Trampoline Main Court

With our inventive Hexagon Trampolines, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better jumping experience! You can bounce to new heights on a safe and easy to land trampoline or attend a fitness class and burn calories. The fun awaits! 


Defy gravity and show off your skills by slam dunking the ball like your favorite player! Whether you are taking on your friend in a 1v1 showdown or participating in a contest, this adrenaline filled attraction is sure to make you soar to new heights.


Dip, dive, dodge– and JUMP on our dodgeball courts fit out with trampolines. With an Empire Adventure Park staff member reffing this court, you will be sure to compete with your friends, or make new ones as you take on the best players in the building!

The Sweeper

Soar above the others as the padded arms of the spinning wheel try to knock you out! Show off your tricks as the wheel spins faster. Who can last the longest? 

Glide Rail

Zip and glide on a rail over an airbag and let your momentum take you across the park. Experience the thrill of ziplining with a secure and safe landing zone. 

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